Sep 9, 2015

Running Storage Platforms inside Kubernetes

I thought it would be interesting to explore a converged scenario where Kubernetes was running the containers for the compute runtimes as well as the containers for the storage runtimes. This is useful in that it allows you to have a single infrastructure for the full stack. Given that Container Orchestration is an emerging technology, a lot of folks just want to set up a simple POC where they can build some applications and get a feel for how it all works. Your POC installation may not have access to managed storage infrastructure and thus its handy to be able to deploy your own storage solution within the same cluster. This is also useful for analytics if you are looking to collocate compute and storage for improved I/O performance.

I thought I'd write up what I did to get it working given that its a new scenario for Kubernetes and also uses some aspects of Kubernetes that aren't documented in much detail.

You can see the full walkthrough here on github.

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