Jul 12, 2012

Building an Iron Man Suit

This is the first post. My 7 year old son and I are going to try and see how far we get. I'm hoping the project will be fun, it will be some good bonding time and we'll learn a little bit about mechanics and science along the way. I plan to blog our progress as it happens in case anyone else is interested in attempting the same thing.

Our approach (As of today) 

I can program so I'm not too worried about the sensors and display. I am going to take some old iPhones and hack them to do add some functionality to the suit. The hard part is going to be building the actual suit. I want to do it out of sheet metal. I'm not sure if this will be too heavy. This involves also learning how to weld. I've been reading from this blog post on Instructables how to MIG Weld. For the record, conducting current to produce extreme heat through the use of a gas based on a tutorial I read off the internet scares the hell out of me.

So the base design will be welding sheet metal cut-outs to produce the core suit, havent figured out how we'll pull off the helmet, and use carefully placed halogen LEDs to produce the ARC reactor. The plan is to then add to it once (and if) we pull off the core suit. I'm gonna build the suit for my son and not me. Which is tricky because he's growing like a weed. However, I'm sure this will look better than a suit with me in it, aka  an iron man suit with a rather pronounced mid section.

Update: There is an Iron Man Suit builders community !

We're using foamboard and the model below to build our prototype. The foamboard is key to help us get the scale right before we move to sheet metal.

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